One of the Sandhof packages will certainly make your winter or summer holiday on the Arlberg an experience! Conquer the biggest combined ski region of Austrian Alps with Lech, Zürs, St. Anton, St. Christoph and Warth-Schröcken, enjoy the legendary Arlberg powder and discover the famous ski circuit “The White Ring” with just one ski pass. Enjoy a delightful stay at Hotel Sandhof with select menus with accompanying wines and, needless to say, as part of the indulgence board during a Bordeaux tasting weekend. The choice is yours now!

Aperitivo & Cocktails


Hannes Gross, bartender at the famous Campari Bar in Vienna, knows everything there is to know about mixing, shaking, serving, and tasting cocktails and drinks.

Join us for an unforgettable evening of fun and creativity, and take home the skills and knowledge to become a master mixologist yourself.
3 nights from € 510 p. P.

Sparkling differences


Join us for a unique tasting experience with Peter Strolz, a Champagne expert who will guide you through the world of sparkling wines. From Cava to Prosecco and Champagne, Peter will share his knowledge and passion for these bubbly beverages.
2 nights from € 420 p. P.

Like Burgundy, but affordable!


Discover affordable alternatives - with one of Austria's smartest and most experienced sommeliers, Simon Schubert from Reznicek.
2 nights from € 360 p. P.

Start from scratch


Explore the world of natural wines with Gernot Heinrich from the Burgenland-based Heinrich winery and Toni Askitis, one of the biggest German wine influencers.
2 nights from € 400 p. P.

Rosé all day


Martin Prodinger invites you to a tasting of the most exciting rosé wines in the world. For one evening, he will be featuring Miraval & Co from our wine cellar.
2 nights from € 395 p. P.

From Vintage to Tawny


... and Marc Almert, the renowned ASI Best Sommelier 2019, will guide you through the history of port wine, from ruby to white port.
2 nights from € 370 p. P.

It's worth the wait!

30.09.2023 - 02.10.2023

Discover the carefully and lovingly matured treasures from our wine cellar, many of which are rarities that are no longer available on the market - with Clemens Riedl from the wine trading company trinkreif.