Culinary art at the Hotel Restaurant Sandhof



Wine is an age-old cultural asset unmatched in its liveliness and variety. Sites and vintages are a delicious reflection of terroir, weather and care. Learn new and interesting facts about rarities from all over the world and top Austrian wines during a wine tasting session at the Sandhof.



Having a knowledge of the millennia-old wine culture, various tasting techniques, the selection of the suitable wine glass and the right wine sequence opens up the delicious world of the juice of the grape. Get to know top Austrian wines and coveted rarities from the Bordeaux region in many different ways involving all senses during a wine tasting at Hotel Sandhof in Lech. You can learn fascinating facts about each wine and its provenance, rate its colour, fragrance and taste and form you own impression.

Character wines

You will quickly notice that each wine has its very own character, which changes depending on duration of storage and maturity – each bottle speaks its own language, which experts will “translate” during the wine tasting. As lively as the wines from different vineyard and grower areas appear, as versatile is their production over the course of time. Cellar technology and wine cultivation are other exciting topics to talk about during a wine tasting session on the Arlberg.
Wine tasting at the Hotel Sandhof - Lech am Arlberg